Kuruman Cleaning services cc
~ We do all the best to produce excellent service! ~
Cleaning is not easy, but it is our passion!!!
With all the experience after all these years, our experts take pride
in what they do!
We guarentee efficient, professional and reliable service to all our clients!!
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Office & Domestic cleaning.
We take all the care to ensure that your office and homes are clean to your standards
Material Spillage & Hazardous Waste cleaning
You as a plant owner or business owner do not have time to worry about anything else then keeping your clients happy. So count on us to keep your Plant or Business safe and clean.
Heavy Equioment cleaning
We do not just clean mining equipment, we wash everything.
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Tel/Fax : 0537731889

Shop 16. Mothistad Complex.
Stand 1270. 8474.

Private Bag x1532, Postnet 245, 
Kuruman 8460

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