Office & Domestic cleaning.
- Includes trash pickups, floor mopping, vacuuming, interior window washing, bathroom maintenance, etc.-
-Cleaning Ceilings Fact!!! The cleaning of ceilings is frequently over looked. What do your ceiling look like? And what about dead insects, insect droppings, dust and all the other dirt you can't see? Not so nice and hygienic! Our experts will take care of that too!-
- Carpet cleaning, commercial and domestic. Removes all dirt and stains on all carpets easy! -
-Garden Service Commercial & domestic. We do every aspect of garden service. tree  felling, grass cutting and whatever you need!-
-Cleaning Canopies Hygienic? Healthy? Really??? Not befre the KCS experts showed the meaning of "Clean". We will really remove all old grease, fat, oil spillage and other dirt you didn't even know about and we will change your appearance into a 5 Star !!
-Distribution of Cleaning Materials & Chemicals A variation of commercial and domestic cleaning materials and chemicals avalible at Kuruman Cleaning Services cc.(KCS)
Material Spillage & Hazardous Waste cleaning.
- Deep Cleaning, Commercial and domestic. Guaranteed extensive cleaning to remove everthing form nicotine, stains, dust, mould, bacteria and so much more. - 
-Hygiene  Services With this specialized services we reduce the risk of infections and other threats to your employees while on duty. yogether with a more pleasent appearance and smell, it also meets with your safety requirements!-
-Pest Control What do we mean? Just what we say!! Pest control. We will control any pest like rats, ants, mostquitoes, cockroaches, or whatever is breeding in your premises!!!
-Hazardous Waste Disposal KCS will take care of this threat to your employees, the public and the enviromentin a professional way in no time!!
Heavy Equioment cleaning.
- Plant Cleaning Commercial, mining, industrial. Why take the risk damaging/ loosing expensive equipment because of unnecessary dirt? Let the professional experts clean your assets today. And you will safe tomorrow! -
-Haul Truck washing And this is why the mines love our services!! Trucks, conveyer belts and all heavy equipment is what we clean, professional and with pride.
-High Presure Cleaning Whatever you needs and situation, our experts will provide the best service with a smile.
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Shop 16. Mothistad Complex.
Stand 1270. 8474.

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